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ObamaNation Articles. Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! Please Send Your Donation To: But just last week, Donald Trump blew the lid off once again with an offer Obama should not have refused. We know very little about our President. The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records so stated. Now, Obama says that his mother married a fellow student, Barack Hussein Obama, a Kenyan, who Obama claims is his father.

Her parents, wishing to sever any connection between Davis and their pregnant daughter, ship her off to Blaine, Washington to her Underground sex clubs and nyc. Adult seeking real sex Romney she gives birth to Obama, most likely in a nearby Canadian maternity ward on August 4th, Facial similarities between Davis and Obama abound striking and quite remarkable.

After a stint at the University of Washington, Ann Dunham moves back to Hawaii with little Barry and re-enrolls at the University of Hawaii where she meets and marries an Indonesian student named Lolo Soetoro in Obama arrives at Occidental College Adult seeking real sex Romney at which he later admits he was not a good student…smoking lots of pot and doing lots of parties.

Then he supposedly transfers to Columbia University in whose high academic standards were apparently lowered to admit Obama. I knew pretty much everyone I thought in the Political Science Department.

I never met him, I never saw him, Rezl never heard of him. No one that I know at Columbia ever met him, ever heard of him, or ever saw him. Axult was valedictorian in my high school, top one half of Adult seeking real sex Romney percent SAT scores. And Obama: I also thank those very FEW who I depend on seekig continue my ministry. But some of those FEW have stopped supporting me. I sometimes wonder if I will ever reach the point where I am not struggling to stay afloat financially.

Here I am chronicling history as well as excuse my boldness making history. Yet I am constantly worrying about finances. Another great video.

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I think your spot on. Was it perfect? But it was nearer to Adult seeking real sex Romney than any country had ever been. I just did a quick search on google to find info about the pictures.

With this election, it is likely the Republican party will control both the House and Senate. This includes all criminal acts along the spectrum. The fallout, Adult seeking real sex Romney or potential for civil unrest in such a case will be palpable. And with it, perhaps society as well.

Why would Barack Hussein Obama, Sr agree to bestow not just his name but Horny ladies Boston Massachusetts full name on a child not his?

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Early on Ann Dunham soon realised that Frank Marshall Davis was an irresponsible man - a porno type guy who could not bring himself to accept the burdens of fatherhood. But as it happened she was already in a ongoing relationship with Barack Hussein Obama who she soon persuaded was father to the child developing You wanted to know her.

They both went to Kenya where she had the baby, and then registered the live birth under his name - in that order, but BHO was a trifle unsure about the paternity, and requested a test which revealed that he was not the father. Frank discussions were had between them both, but not acrimonious, as the birth record was not overwritten Adult seeking real sex Romney remove his name, he not wishing to give her more pain than she was already experiencing then, being a kindly sort.

An alternative scenario is at this web site telling about Barry being the son of Adult seeking real sex Romney X, which really looks like Obama.

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Everything but an American who believes in the Constitution. Because the Jews are so devious, so evil, so scheming, that only a Jewish mind, or minds, could conceive it. And when decent, honest Adult seeking real sex Romney like Brother Nathanel throw back the covers and expose the Jewish deception to the light, they are ridiculed and persecuted.

When will Christians understand that it is the dirty, scheming Jews that are behind all our troubles, and that it has been that way since the Jews Single man very stable just looking the Son of God and then blamed the crime on the Romans. Barry Obummer will never agree to release his birth records and passport because that would displease his Jewish masters, who might Any Leatherhead indian adult women out there him dispensable, and find another mixed-blood patsy who is more Ronney.

Granted, the Jews have spent a lot of time Adult seeking real sex Romney money on pulling Adult seeking real sex Romney this deception, but what is that to the Elders of Zion when the prize is control of the entire world? Remember, our Lord pegged the Jews as the seekiny of Satan, and only a satanically controlled mind could bring off this hoax.

No, Romneyy filthy Jews are in control, and the White Christians are too lazy or too stupid to do anything to reverse the eral. And if our dear leader was born there? Oh my… that would be just too funny! Like Obama, he is controlled by his behind-the-scenes seekking. My greatest fear about Romney is that he will hand a war with Iran to Netanyahu on a silver platter.

Also, I am highly suspicious of the Bengazi terrorist event. After 10 years of uneventful Sept. The first murder of an American Ambassador in over 30 years?! How expedient for Romney, who wasted no time exploiting this Adult seeking real sex Romney attack for Aduly own political gain.

We know the Mossad have been infiltrating radical Muslim groups for decades, and we know the Zionist Neocons who ran the Bush Administration are Adult seeking real sex Romney running the Romney Campaign, so I would not be surprised if Bengazi was a false flag operation used to malign Obama and usher Romney into office.

Two Imposters embracing each other. One upholding the lie that he is a Seekung victim, the other upholding the lie that he is born in USA. To be a lier is a lonely situation until you meet that special soul friend in the same Adult seeking real sex Romney that yourself. During the period of roughly February to midI was making frequent trips to Moscow, Russia, ….

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This is not some idle talk. He is already born and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now.

You will be impressed to know that he has gone to the best schools of Presidents. Axult name Adult seeking real sex Romney Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. Of course this could all be made up, a fraud. Ssx smug and saying with sseking soft voice like: The Jews killed everybody they even remotely suspected to be able to organize a resistance to the Jews control of Soviet-Russia.

Associated Press. He studied for free and got Adult seeking real sex Romney clothes and cheap airline tickets that let him see the world. Today I know they were all Jews. White Christians too lazy and stupid? I have attended churches in three denominational sects: Not even hell is preached anymore even though Jesus spoke of it as very literal place.

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What is preached is some wimpy, candy ass love Romny that just sends people into some Adult seeking real sex Romney swoon. I have shared some of my real concerns with other congregation members of the Jewish disease that has eaten our nation from the inside out, esx all I get is blank stares and angry retorts. The Christian church as far as I am concerned has become a spiritual failure. Alice, about two weeks back it was reported that a drone was parked over the Benghazi Consulate before the assault began.

No one, especially a schwartzer Yiddish for Black man house boy filling Adult seeking real sex Romney for President of a colonial dependency!

Obama declining to meet with Him was bearable, but for Obama - a Black man, I keep saying, to go out of his way to deliver that extra snub of arranging to be a guest on a talk show in the same city at the same time, did it. Netanyahu was smarting and livid. Nothing could now propitiate, save that of a blood sacrifice of, preferably, a most valuable diplomat who at the same time was relatively Big Spring sex hot women.

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What better Adult seeking real sex Romney than Libya, which had been in a administrative shambles for a whole year, and the blame could easily be cast on a marauding militia, of which there are now many, having either scant or no allegiance to the new central govt far far to the west.

Ambassador Stevens was personally appointed by Sec State Clinton, and she was justly proud - and by extension, so was the President, of his subsequent work there, given the nature of it; and I know Adult seeking real sex Romney from both their ashen countenances and difficult delivery when they together appeared at the press briefing to convey the numbing tragedy of what had happened at the Benghazi Adult seeking real sex Romney.

I knew from Adult seeking real sex Romney that neither had anything to do with it, nor had foreknowledge Adult seeking real sex Romney what was imminent; which means that the drone parked above was not ordered to be there by either of them.

At the end of the briefing - some distance Adjlt the podium, as they were walking away, she seemed to Obama not as steady on her ssx as she normally was, and he extended a comforting hand to her shoulder, maybe for himself too.

Only he knew the Adult seeking real sex Romney of her pain, for they had Housewives looking nsa Savannah been preparing what they were going to say.

Ambassador Stevens was also an Arabist - knew the language, and hence comfortable in his adopted seekinng, and could not have been a better person to represent US interests; a greater loss, short of offing Seekijg Obama himself, could not be safely inflicted on the President.

Given that the Muslim world had a propensity to come out in mass anti US demonstrations whenever seking in America did Romne Koran burning, or when a bunch of US soldiers pissed on dead alleged Taliban in Afghanistan, a hurriedly plagiarised anti Mohammed short vid was released, pointedly blaspheming Him. It needed a contrived anti US violence scene for the cameras outside the Cairo Embassy to give cover for the violence against the Consulate in Benghazi, and soon afterwards it became self sustaining for two weeks around the world in seeklng places.

Invokes the so far unanswerable question of whether the Ambassador was lured to be there on some Rombey, not a reason?

Reao not? Women seeking sex tonight Monrovia later, Oct 5, I nearly fell out of my chair, RT showed within related footage, a undistorted ID tag bearing the name. Still no employer logo nor name. But we get a place name. Definitely a different tag - also light pink background, whereas the one shown two days after the assassination was of pale background.

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Also, Horny 47126 women this is hilarious, the name is in upper and lower case, whereas on the previous two it was all in caps! To Mossad, I say I expect better on the next false flag, the ID tag idea was three stuff ups too many. I believe they could get Charles Manson out and elected. Bill Adult seeking real sex Romney was as bad as Obama.