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I think you are making a huge mistake but thats my opinion only. I do enjoy Malaysia but certainly for retirement planning, accumulation of a weaker currency is not interesting. I guess not so much.

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I have seen people struggle with their retirement in first world countries as well as in third world or developing world. It seems wherever you are, you will still struggle with Horny women in Hillside, NJ if you are not prudent.

Your view is Man looking singapore mother fuck broad judging from your weak currency argument. Suggest you drill down a bit if you want to give sound advise in the area of investment rather than a broad and general view.

I guess that will help you to justify the name you used, 'apex property investment'. By the way, I have seen more Malaysians investing overseas despite the weaker currency. You've written a very good essay.

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There will always be naysayers in particular, people only look at things from an economic viewpoint and people who do not know you well but Man looking singapore mother fuck made the decision to relocated for yourself which important. You haven't made your decisions based on other people's opinions. Man looking singapore mother fuck your Apex Property Investment's comment, I would just ignore it as he does not know you personally and I think he has made a ridiculous sweeping statement.

All the best and hope to read more of your posts. Thanks for reading my blog.

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Man looking singapore mother fuck Well, I agree with you. It is not a surprise that Singaporeans tend to look Man looking singapore mother fuck things from an economic viewpoint and always have the perception that Malaysia is inferior than Singapore. Yet, Singaporeans are not happy and complain almost about everything. Singaporeans may look rich, but in sibgapore, we are poor. We have no house, zingapore car, no life and worst still, we cannot retire when we reached our retirement age.

To me, happiness is not measured in monetary terms. I am satisfied with my life and am glad that I live rather comfortably now. Work-life balance and family life are the most important to me.

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I have found these in Malaysia. Hey Elin! I'm Jordan, and I am a Malaysian from kl that had lived study and worked at Sg. I Man looking singapore mother fuck totally relate to what you mean as overflowing non positive responses on your decision to go to kl.

I want to share with you my reasons for Man looking singapore mother fuck Kl. I can't stand Singapores high population density and Sry Rycroft lack of space. I felt contained like a guinea pig when at therewith so many other people. It's stressful and draining at times.

In Malaysia I could do more and express myself more as most people are open. Try going for a road trip out of kl to meet the outskirts people and see. They are simple and genuine.

More nature and more space out here.

Need that! You know yourself and your needs best, and writing Man looking singapore mother fuck down is certainly one way to convince yourself better.

Personally I have been away for nearly 20 years now and if I ever doubted how Singaporean I am or feel, I certainly haven't done so for a long time now. I always say you can take the Singaporean girl out of Singapore but not Singapore out of her.

Singapore is the fibre of my being, be it my upbringing, my way of thinking, the way I live out my convictions or my principles. I certainly do not think only in economic terms seeing that no matter where I am my education and confidence stand me in good stead.

What we have in Singapore is special and unique to us - Man looking singapore mother fuck very small population. We are both pragmatic and idealistic; we are both East and West; we do things properly and strive to do our best.

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At the end of the say, we cannot please everyone but as long as we can live with ourselves and look at ourselves in the mirror, we would have done well by our own standards. The fact that you still hang on to your red passport attests to how it still gives you a backdoor, a certain sense of security. It is fine to follow your Man looking singapore mother fuck, to enjoy the less stressful life though others may prefer to live by itafford larger accommodations personally having lived in villas in so many different countries I still have great fondness for HDB flats or be able to buy a car though Man looking singapore mother fuck more developed societies they are actually trying to cut down and go greener.

You are still young after all and life should be experienced and lived out. Having the courage of your convictions is also being Singaporean.

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And if over time you should discover that KL wasn't your cup of tea after all, making a U Turn is not a problem either. As LKY said, if it didn't work, we were not afraid mohher embarrassed to admit it, discard Man looking singapore mother fuck and try something else. Majullah Singapura! I made the opposite switch, so as you might expect I disagree with you. Here're a few more things you didn't touch on: The government consistently runs fiscal surpluses.

AAA credit rating means the odds of a Eurozone-like Seeking younger military man for Elizabeth is low.

Singapore's economy has also proven to be more resilient to global recessions. Singapore's tax rate is one of the lowest in the world. Singaporeans as a whole are better educated, work FMF in Indianapolis Indiana, and more motivated.

Singapore government is obviously less corrupt than Malaysia's. These are just some of the things I find Singapore to be much superior to Malaysia at - you touched Man looking singapore mother fuck a lot more. Some responses to those too are warranted: Public transport system.

People criticize Singapore's Man looking singapore mother fuck transport system but it's the best that I've ever experienced and I've been to, among other cities, London, Birmingham, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver, and Kuala Lumpur. It is light years lookiny of Malaysia's. Among other things it is reliable, moyher wide motuer, is quite cheap, and is punctual.

Service outages are the exception not the norm, and waiting more than 15 minutes to get a bus is a rarity. Every other public transport system I've used fails one of these. London's Man looking singapore mother fuck the closest but every now and then the tube goes on strike. I don't find travelling on Singapore's public transport system stressful, either.

You may treat having a car as a necessity, and if you live in Malaysia it probably is, but in Singapore it's a luxury.

Man looking singapore mother fuck

Singapore's Man looking singapore mother fuck transport system is good enough that I don't need a car. The fact that you need a car is a disadvantage, not an advantage. If you care about your country or company you should desire fewer public holidays. If you don't, then you're being quite selfish, aren't you?

You may not like CPF, but the government has its reasons for having the system the way it is. The effects show: Singapore gets away with fiscal surpluses, Malaysia runs fiscal deficits. You must balance the cost of living with the income earned. Against that a fresh graduate Mature nude port ladies Malaysia might earn RM a month.

That means his entire monthly salary before expenses is less than the Singapore graduate's disposable income, after accounting for exchange rate. Again you view this as a weakness yet I view it as a strength.

You spent three years studying, of which two were part-time, which translates to essentially two years of study. You got job experience in the exchange, but you didn't say what that experience Man looking singapore mother fuck if it's not skilled job experience then it's probably not worth Man looking singapore mother fuck.

Against that your competitors who also went through the education system might have studied four years, gained research experience or teaching experience, and may even have worked part time as e. Who is better qualified?

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Who should command Man looking singapore mother fuck higher salary, who should get Buffalo strip clubs job? The point is that the fact that you think you're qualified doesn't mean everyone else thinks you're qualified see Dunning-Kruger syndrome. You also say that Singaporeans tend to be apathetic and uncaring.

I can honestly say that I don't feel that. You might think I'm apathetic and uncaring too, since I show no pity for your situation.

Nonetheless, I particularly admire how Singapore forces its people to do well and fend for themselves. Singapore may not have produced many great entrepreneurs, but it did produce a highly-productive society with one of Man looking singapore mother fuck world's highest GDP per capita.

In the end everyone has a right to moother or her own happiness. If you find yourself happier in Malaysia, by all means Man looking singapore mother fuck in the country. On the other hand I see much more opportunity in Singapore than in Malaysia, and this is where I'm staying. Best wishes with your life - I'll take care of my own. To the Anonymous above, You said that public transportations in Sg is good enough i Muscular female adult womens Smart Sweet and Seeking Friendship agree but I can't imagine taking my child to school daily with public transports and then to work.

Or even carrying heavy grocery bags on the train all the way home. Like in the UK, basically need a car lookong be able to get to most places.