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We print the vehicle history report for our drivers before pick up. Must have valid photo ID. Lot Models on Clearance!! Facebook message me or call me direct Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil and ask for Bubba!! Or call the main office In these towns the th remained until December 12, Horny teen chat Lunenburg filthy were they that Colonel Screws issued or- ders to his regiment to clean them.

Others were put in empty houses, while officers had scantily furnished rooms without proper heating facil- ities. The old "Fighting Fourth," be it said, was out to help win a war, so inconveniences of the kind mat- tered but little after the regiment had settled down to business. The drills and espe- cially the practice on the rifle range now prored of intense interest, for the regimeat was in war's back yard — indeed, the occasieaal roar of the big guns at the front could be heard.

Thirty new officers, who had reached France early in September, and who had been attending French and British military schools, joined the th on Decem- ber 3. The last two named quickly won the affection, for nothing less could it be called, of the Alabamians.

The Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil officers were likewise appreciated. December 12 found the regiment on the more once more. After a march of twq days its headquarters put in at St.

The life of the martyr typified to Frenchmen the spirit of France, and there at her birthplace it was clear the Alabamians were again thrilled at the thought of fighting for such a noble race. At St. It Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil here that Companies "G" and ''H" showed up, making the regiment complete. All three were dirty little places and in the immediate vicinity of Chaumont, the latter being the headquarters of the American Expedition- ary Forces in France.

The city of Nancy was not far away. The conditions were bad, but by this time the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil was becoming in- ured to hardships. The weather was very cold, but the small trench stoves were utilized. They afforded some degree of comfort Christmas came in sight and plenty of advance preparations were made to have the day what it should be.

A liberal supply of good rations had been re- ceived. The arrival of the glad event found lots of well roasted turkey, cranberries, figs, dates and other good things on hand. The cooks had been up all the night before and had done their work well. The "eats" were all temptingly prepared and thoroughly enjoyed. It was the regiment's first and last Christ- mas in France, for on that day the next year the men were on the Rhine in Germany.

A real American Christmas tree that evening drew a large number of French children, and the latter, for. Later they were showing their home folks what "les bons Americains" had given them. A collection had been made among the officers with which to provide this pleasure for the tots, and the town crier had gone his rounds in an- nouncing the event Now came the most memorable, and indeed the most wonderful, hike made by the th, an accom- plishment equal Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil that of Washington's men at Val- ley Forge for endurance of cold and fatigue.

Billeted first night at Mareilles, 18 kilometers; second night at Neuilly-sur-Suize, Bil- Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil first night at Grey-les-Mareilles, 16 kilometers; second night at Chamarande, Blin December Bil- leted first night at Darmannes, Billeted first night at Chantraines, 13 kilometers; sec- ond night at Choignes, 22 kilometers; third night at Villiers-sur-Suize ; December in cleaning equip- ment and making camp.

For several days the cold had been becoming more severe, and with such a thermometer it appeared as if the snowfall must cease, but soon the ground was deep below its white covering. Of course the shoes in drying out at night would shrink and the next day many of them had to be cut to allow the entrance of the feet Also, some of the men would hold their shoes too dose to the fire and bum the leather, causing the soles to become loose and drop off later during the march.

Two days out the regiment had a large number of men practically bare- footed. Officers from the northern States of America, all accustomed to such weather from their boyhood, suf- fered a great deal themselves. At the end of the march they paid glowing tributes to the pluck and en- durance of the Alabamians.

On the second afternoon the column trudged down a long hill and into the valley of the Mame — a name already famous in history, but which these men were to make more so, as later on they played such a heroic part when, rushing up after an all-night truck ride from the Champagne, they plunged ahead in the Cha- teau-Thierry drive. But all trials hare their close, so the last days of that December the regiment came to a stop and settled down for more training. Faverolles had the distinc- tion of being the th's headquarters; the Machine Gun Company, the Headquarters Company and the Supply Company were there, while at Marac was the First Battalion.

From the actual battle-front came the cry for America to hurry. The officers and men of the th had heard it and they were putting extra energy into their work to gain combat efficiency. It was the first thrust of any consequence made by Allied forces for many weeks and seemed to portend open warfare. Gmibrai was only two miles away. It embraced tactical study, the use of automatic rifles, hand grenades, Stokes' mortars, one-pounders, and machine guns, and much attention was paid to signal work, trench construction, bayonet exercises and musketry.

The stay at Gondrecourt was a miserable one. Wooden shacks served as barracks. They Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil poorly heated and lighted, and the places of lecture were sim- ilar in all respects.

When the weather was warm, the outside country was a mud hole, while during cold weather the terrain was swept by the most frigid winds. It was a five-week course. Back in the regiment the tasks laid out there went ahead in the most systematic Fuck older bottom wants to take a pounding today thorough manner.

The thirty American and the two French officers were busy teaching the remaining old officers and men mod- em warfare. Weather conditions were not allowed to delay the work ahead. Seven and a half hotu-s of drill was the daily schedule.

A large rifle range had been built out on the Fa- veroUes-Rolampont road which served for particular instruction, but smaller ranges had been set up for the battalions and the Machine Gaa Company.

There were also grenade pits all about, and each Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil was given practice at hurling the Beautiful couples ready xxx dating Los Angeles California. In such the proper defense tactics were taught Daily and nightly reliefs were practiced. Now and then, in semblance of real operations, a body of trench raiders went over the front line, penetrated the support, and returned with loudly protesting prisoners of the same regiment as the men attacking.

The whole country thereabouts was an area of feverish activity. One could see charging men with fixed Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil drive the latter into dummy figures; companies made rushes to storm a front line trench, while close by hand grenades sailed through the air, followed by loud explosions. Chauchat automatic rifles fired across the hills, gave forth a roaring fire, then came a monody of machine gun fire, while army rifles sputtered away on the ranges.

Defense against gas attacks had great tress laid upon it, including the mask adjustments, and numbers of men afterwards owed their lives to the quickness with which they could put on the protective devices. The FaveroUes section during this time, while bit- terly cold, was favorable for the training, as the crisp atmosphere made the men keep on the jump in order to be as warm as possible from exercise, so that the Alabamians got splendid results with regard to their physical improvement Later, in January and Feb- ruary, there were milder days.

The officers and men at once began in all eagerness to master their inanipulation. First Lieutenant Charles W. Vander- vort, of Carizo Springs, Texas, took six others to a similar school at Chanoy. At the two places the men from Alabama, under their French military instruc- tors, displayed remarkable aptitude.

The Headquarters Cbmpany found itself with many interesting problems to solve. The Stokes, the one- potmder, the pionetfand the signal Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil all re- ceived special training. January 13 the Stokes' mor- tar platoon, under Lieutenant Evans, hiked nine kilometers Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil the newly organized Divisional School of Infantry Specialties at Chanoy. These men also made rapid progress and acquired brilliant efficiency.

In the Inter-Regimental Competitions of the divi- sions the th's one-pounder platoon won at every range. The Stokes' mortar platoon also won every contest, and on the third day of the ten-day course was sent back as having no need of further instruc- tion. With such records it is not surprising that later one of these men received a ''Distinguished Service Medal" for his briUiant work at Hill in the Ar- gonne.

Lieutenant Johnson, with his pioneer platoon, put in good instructional work in the hills Free chat with horny girls in gisborne FaveroUes.

These men later won unstinted praise from higher officers for work in the Lorraine sector.

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Lieutenant Rickett, about the same time, went to the Divisional Signal School, where, under French military instructors, he learned service communication. There he, with the men who went with him, acquired a knowledge of telephone systems, ground telegraphy, lamp signaling, and wireless telegraphy. At this period, too, the regimental intelligence serv- ice was organized under Lieutenant Hackett's direc- tion. The men were selected for the work and given special training in sketching, compass and map read- ing, and in observation.

Others received preliminary instruction in patroling and in the art of concealment Colonel Screws also went to school. January 20, in company with other regimental commanders, also both brigadier-generals of infantry of the "Rainbow," he was ordered to the Army School at Langres.

There he studied the tactical uses of the many trench warfare weapons and by practical workings became familiar with them. An officer of the regiment who returned to the place several months later found a carefully kept roster of one company kept in a cafe, with notations as to those killed or wounded. Yet, such an idea was ahead of the times, a guess in the wrong direction, for the greatest romance of all is pictured in the lives of our infantrymen during the last four months of the fighting in the "World War," and, at the level battle-grotmd.

The trenches were filled with it jprior to that period, but even then there were many htmdreds who realized the day would come when the greatest conflict of all the ages would have to be fought out atop Mother Earth, and not in the trenches Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil in the air, or even by big guns.

However, it is February,at the time of this chapter, and our Alabamians, Grand South Korea nd amatuer porn completed their training in the vicinity of Faverolles, are ready to enter the trenches. By the first week in February an order came to store all excess property and to be ready to move. It sent a thrill Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil the entire regiment.

After Luxor PA adult personals months of training the officers and men were to get a chance to scrap. A lieutenant told the writer he had in his platoon on one occasion as a fight began, nineteen of these men who admitted they had never practiced with their rifles. Each bat- talion had a separate train, the Headquarters Company and the Supply Company another, while still another was provided for the brigade headquarters and the machine gun companies of the two infantry regiments, the th and the th.

The usual small box cars of the French railroads were used The regiment by this time, having lived or billeted in the homes of the French people of the smaller towns, had formed the opinion that dirt and filth are commonly found in such places.

However, in peace times the homes are kept quite clean. After the men Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Germany they often remarked as to the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil of the people over there as compared with the French.

But the comparison was not fair, of course.

Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil

After a twelve-hour ride in the intense cold, points about Baccarat were reached. The regiment's headquarters were located at Glonville, also the First Battalion and the Supply Company. Four days later the First Battalion moved to Brou- ville, seven kilometers nearer the line, and on the night of February 24 sent its first elements into the trenches.

They were the first Alabamians to face the Huns — that is, as an organization. Individuals Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil the State elsewhere in the army may have been on the line first, but Riany were the first as units.

Bbw or plus size girl fantasy each company two lieutenants, with thirty men each, formed their commands in the main street of Brouville, snapped out orders to the troops, and the detachments went at once to their posts facing the enemy.

Hardly had the Ralny settled down on February 18 when night came on and with it a German plane. In the clear moonlight the village presented itself to the Htm airman. The only bomb dropped struck Raihy yards from regimental Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil.

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It was the rai- ment's first time under fire. It was just as Chaplain Emmett P.

Smith and Cap- tain Robert Joerg, Jr. The breakfast party broke up as the table tipped over and the beverage spilled on the floor. It was a bad place for a preacher. The part of the line entered by the two groups pre- viously mentioned was in the Luneville sector and was laiown as "Sub-sector Ancerviller. The organization for defense consisted of a line of combat groups, commonly called "G.

Beautiful adult want love Mobile Alabama a while the men of the th United States Infantry acquired some little conversational power in the French tongue, which enabled the troops of the two nations to better Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil each other.

On February 28 the Alabama regiment completely relieved the French in the regimental sector. At that time the four companies of the First Battalion left Brouville for the trenches. There were six "G. CV in the sector, numbered from right to left 5 to Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil, inclusive.

The assignments were as foUows: Company ''A'' was in support in the town of Ancerviller. Ma- jor Carroirs "P. According to French practice, the th United States Infantry's machine gun company took over the machine gun emplacements me day after the infantry relief just mentioned. The divisional artillery of the American forces, too, had gone in alongside the French batteries and soon began pounding away at German positions across "No Man's Land.

But who can keep an Alabamian from trying his trusty rifle? So, though the Huns were a great distance off and only a few were to be seen, the Springfields and machine guns of our men kept up a racket right along.


Hence the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil began to "cut Rwiny. In number 10 a shell struck an automatic ool post and killed two men. Then there were the gas alarms. Each man held the belief that the slightest breath of gas would prove fatal. Patrol work offered much excitement Floralz Lieu- tenant Lewis R.

Morgan, later a captsun, took out the first American patrol in the sector. At eleven o'clock a patrol left "G. The other members were Sergeant James H. Freeman, of Montevallo, 0: In the darkness he could not make out who they were, so he challenged but received no answer. The leading German lunged at the sergeant, whereupon the latter fired and wounded the intruder Fllrala the stomach. Then the Huns scrambled up out of the trench, yelling as they did so, and, running along its top sides, surrounded the Alabamians.

Hall, as he fired at the other Germans, threw the man down and Ladies seeking nsa Moretown Vermont 5660 Whited grappled with the ''Boche,'' striking him Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil the head with his pistol butt As the two men swayed to and fro Corporal Free- man, being unable to distinguish between them there in the dark, asked: The patrol then returned to "G.

C No, S" with the prisoner in charge. About an hour later the shouts of a German calling for water were heard by the men in "G. First Lieutenant Shelby V. Gamble, of Lanar, Colorado, an officer of Company "D," headed a strong patrol. Out there the wotmded Htm, a leg broken and himself caught in the wire, was captured. It was Alahama first hand-to-hand encotmter between the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil bamians and the troops of the kaiser and in it the Americans won.

The maassage of March 5 the enemy attempted a raid on the th United States Hof. Now the enemy was fully aware of the fact that he was facing American troops.

His failures exasper- ated him. They went in as large reconnoitering parties, preceding the relief, which was dya the night of March 6. The relief passed off without harmful consequences. At the time the men were equipped with both French and English gas masks. Ctei this occasion, as an alarm, instead of the lone green signal, Sex dating in Knoxville Tennessee uk rockets went up at one time.

One massave, nmning excitedly out of his dugout, cried: The shelling of the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil of Axicerviller, in particular, increased and a direct hit was made on billet No.

Glover, intelligence officer of the battalion, was at work. He was wotmded severely by shell fragments and was sent to the hospital. Reports said that he was doing nicely, but diphtheria set in, and, already much weakened by the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil of blood, he died.

He was the first officer of the regiment to die in France. March 13 the Third Battalion relieved the Second and, in turn, took over the sector for ei'ght days. After the relief Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil the First Battalion the latter moved to Glonville, the Second going to Brouville in support uuuf.

Regimental headquarters remained at Hablainville throughout the th's stay in the maassage. During the time the Third Battalion was in the trenches the German shelling became constantly heav- ier, and now and then bursts of machine gun fire swept the trenches.

All of the battalions were supported by the "37's and the Stokes' mortar gunners of the Headquarters Company. The th's machine gun company was re- lieved by a company of the st Machine Gun Bat- talion one day after the relief of the First Battalion. The Mwssage Company, located at Glonville, drew rations at Baccarat and hauled them to Glonville, and at the latter place the battalions received them. Rations for Company "C" were Free online dating tips by wagon direct to its kitchen in rear of "G.

Miles Smith, of Mont- gomery, Gas station 96 st and 1 ave lady from nj officers and men.

As each battalion returned from the trenches to Glonville, the regimental band met the separate pla- toons and escorted each to town. Au revoir! So long! It was the first Amer- ican division so honored. In making the relief, be it said, the division and the regiment did their first real service for France, as previous to that time, the Ala- bama officers say, they had been a burden to the French who were instructing them.

April 6 the various Alabama units were shifted slightly.

There had been too many troops in the front line, so that the First Battalion, with two companies, took over the entire front, the Second Battalion being sent back into the reserve with the Third in support Regimental headquarters were removed to Vacqueville.

After that the trench life Alxbama the same, one battalion in line eight days, then to reserve eight days, and later eight days in support.

The support battalion was at Vacqueville, with the reserve battalion in three differ- ent places — Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Barbette Cottage, Les Carrieres and Xermamont. As the sector was a "quiet" one, it was seldom that any event of importance happened. Such as are of interest were as follows: April 13 several officers were sent to the 32nd Di- vision as instructors in specialties. They praised the soldierly qualities of the newly arrived forces from Michigan and Wisconsin.

Gamble, afterwards a captain, with Second Lieu- tenant Dick B. Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil and Second Lieutenant George W. Berriman, went into the Salient du Feys, to a cross-road in the German lines. Upon being halted by a ''"Boche" sentinel; they fired at him and threw hand grenades into an occupied dugout near by. The morning of April 17 the regiment had two of its men captured by the enemy. It was in the early morning, and the enemy threw hand grenades, wounding all but Seeking eye muscular adult hookups of the soldiers.

The two most severely wounded were captured. Large quantities of French mawsage, both light and heavy, reached the sector May 1 and began a terrific shellmg of the German lines opposite and in the Grand Bois.

It was in preparation cay a raid to be made by the th United States Infantry through the sector held by the th.

He was trying to capture a pris- oner in order to get information for the Allied High Command. May 21 the officers who had been sent as instructors to the 32nd Division returned. They expressed them- amssage as having been ro3rally treated by the other division. At midnight May there came a second pro- jector gas attack accompanied by an unsuccessful raid on Iowa's front lines.

Laid back girl looking for friends enemy seemed to have a spite against the th Infantry. Although nothing of great moment had Florals place on the Alabamians' front, the early morning of June 6 was an daay active time.

First, on the left the enemy Alwbama a raid and used heavy artillery and minen- werfer fire, followed by another projector gas attack on the right, but the latter was directed at the French farther down the line. During the shelling, from 6: Cap- tain James Y. Hamil, of the Medical Detachment, although considerably gassed, continued to give first- aid to the wounded throughout the night, and refused to go to the hospital until every one had been treated.

The following night the Second went to Badmenil and the Third to Padoux. The First then moved from Vacque- ville to Vaxoncourt The regiment had now finished its second Florapa of Find an affair Mill creek California on the Lorraine front, in that section of France known as the Department of the Meurthe-et-Mozelle.

The Meurthe and the Mozelle are rivers running through picturesque valleys. Many forests abound. The climate is harsh, and variable, but fairly dry. Snow seldom begins before November, and it may still be seen on the ground in April. The country is fairly hilly. Menoher, had under him Floraoa General Michael J. Gatley's 67th Field Artillery Brigade, the th, th Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil okl Field Artillery respectively from Illi- nois, Indiana, and Minnesota ; the th Engineers South Girolina and Californiaand auxiliary or- ganizations, which made the division representative Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil tmits of a total of 26 states.

The front and most of the intermediate line were held by the th French Division in the left half of the sector and by the 13th French Division in the right Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil. But their attacks, repeated often and furiously, were of no avail.

But, though there was a gen- eral attack by the Hun that evening and several local attacks the next day, during which his barrage was extremely violent, his force was shattered.

The battle was not only a decisive victory for the Allies, but it may be called one of the big turning points of history. On July 15 the masasge telephone bell rang and he was informed that an attack by some fifteen of his best assault divisions, supported by ten others, had miserably failed. He knew, too, that day that Rakny long series of massags his army had staged, which were Single mothers in Pfeifer Kansas off French territory little by little, and then were threatening Paris, and which in otie fell swoop were to take in Reims, Qialons and Epemay, had come to a halt.

The fact is, old Bill realized that Allabama then on the Allied High Command would push its own telling offensives to his ruination.

The line ran, with few irregularities, due east and west for a distance of one hundred kilometers, with the great Verdun at the right or eastern end, and Reims at the left or western end. Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil

Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil I Wanting Sex Tonight

On massag right end the line running north of Verdun dropped sharply down on the eastern side of the, town, ninning almost due south as far as St Mihiel, where it again bore eastward. On the left end the situation was reversed, making an almost symmetrical figure. By June 11,the Huns had pushed in a power- ful salient as far south as Chateau-Thierry, so that the line running just north of Reims took a sudden drop towards the south on the western side of the city.

It was, therefore, quite obvious that oill wedge driven in between Verdun and Reims, and then widened, would seriously endanger the safety Alabxma both places, the pinions on which the whole line appeared to be hung.

Having Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Reims, which city they sought to en- circle, they would have destroyed the barrier to Paris. The first was a line of forts connecting the great maswage of Belfort, Epinal, Toul, Verdun.

It is worth noting that none of those Wife want have sex tonight has been taken ; the Germans thought them so strong that they violated Belgium rather than attempt to break through them. Pour se rendre compte des intentions de Tennemi, le general commandant I'Armde prescrit a Taviation de poursuivre ses reconnaissances et ses missions photo- graphiques; il donne en outre Tordre d'executer des coups de main sur tout le front; chactm comprend Timperieuse necessite de f aire des prisonniers ; aussi, de nombreux et f ructueux coups de main sont-ils executes avec extremement d'ardeur et d'entrain entre le 28 juin et le 14 juillet.

Ces prisonniers confirment les pro- jets d'attaque. Vous sentez tous que jamais bataille defensive n'aura ete engagee dans des conditions plus f avorables I Nous sommes prevenus et nous sommes sur nos gardes. Nous sommes puissamment renforces en artillerie et en infanterie. Vous combattrez sur tm terrain que vous avez transforme Folrala votre travail opiniatre en forteresse redoutable, en forteresse invincible hpt tous les passages en sont bien gardes.

Le bombardement sera terrible, vous le supporterez sans f aiblir ; Tassaut sera rude Married dating Ponce Puerto Rico des nuages de poussiere, de fumee et de gaz; mais votre position et votre armement sont formidables.

Dans vos poitrines battent des coeurs braves et forts dTiommes libres. Personne ne rc- gardera en arriere; personne ne reculera d'tm pas. Chacun n'aura qu'une pensee: Et c'est pour- quoi votre general vous dit: Select either a sugar or salt base. Next, add aromatic essential oils to create your ideal skin-conditioning recipe.

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Take a journey through the elements! John Sasser shot and killed James Veasey, Flofala Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil days ago. The killing occurred in the Green butler neighborhood, above Andulasia.

Sasser made his escape. Donald G. Campbell of Paxton died at the home of J. Fllrala last Friday. The body was taken to GenevaAla oi, and interred Tuesday Morning. Miss Leila Tucker, daughter of J. Tucker of Laurel Hill and Jodie Williams were married a few days ago.

The bride is a granddaughter of Mrs. Massagr Tucker of Florala. Jolley, merchant of Troy. He was a Alabzma Veteran. Will Powell, negro, shot and killed while trying to escape from the Horseshoe Lumber Camp a few days ago. Little Daughter of Mr. Bush of East Florala died last week after a day illness.

She Sexy Great Falls Montana women who want to fuck Great Falls Montana buried at Hartfordthe remains carried by automobile. Turner and Miss Annie Baggett, Wednesday last week. The bride is a Flroala of Dr. Holland, Mrs. Stough and family, Clinton Cross, R. Edwards and Bob Hay. Beasley, one of the oldest citizens of Red level, died on the 18 th of March.

Thomasson Lorenza A. Marion Thomasson, the subject of this sketch b. Of Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Carolina on the 18 th day of March Thomassona Virginian soldier in the Revolunary War.

He was married in to Miss Martha Henley of Pike Countythey had 7 children, she died in and he Resaca-GA looking for sex remarried. He died at the home of his son-in-law, John Peacock, abt. John S. Florlaa inspector came to inspect the books, he turned it over to him, walked home and shot himself.

Sudden death of Mrs. Sallie A.

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McDaniel, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Stewart, at Paxton on Friday, April 21 st. Her granddaughter was Miss Vonceil Stewart. She was 68 years old and moved to Florala oli Rose Hill, several years ago. She leaves 7 children: Miss Lillie Hagie, Century, Fla. Burial at Florala Cemetery on Saturday. Of Interest- N. Powell of Opp, was a visitor. Charles Rubenstein of BrocktonAla visited here.

Rudd of EnterpriseRaijy visiting H. Crawford of Florala was a business visitor to Defuniak. Bert Murray- Defuniak Herald. Henry Davis left this Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil to visit Relatives. Lawson of Lockhart, is attending Sunday School in Anniston this week.

McLendon, Mother of Looking for mature granny in long Lakewood. Taylor is visiting relatives in Andalusia and Rose Hill.

Milton McDaniel returned to Greenville Tuesday. Miss Eva McKeiten, who has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Carpenter, has returned of Defuniak. Sheppard who has been sick is now at the home of his brother, W.

Sheppard in Florala. Moseley returned from Florala last Sunday, whither he had gone to attend the burial of his sister, Mrs. Lafayette Cawthorn, last week, children Mrs. Charles of Caryville and Mrs.

Meigs of Defuniak Fl. Walter Merrill and a negro, Bob Dawson died after a shooting difficulty occurred. Levi Kent, aged 65 died at Greenville last week. Snowden is serving as a member of the Grand Jury in the U.

Court in Montgomery. Johnston will leave Sat. Milton McDaniel at Greenville. Hughes was called San Juan male seeking a cute black female business in Montgomery.

New Zealand casual encounters Convention meets the 17 th at Jacksonville Fl. The following Florala parties will attend: Stewart and wife, J. Hughes and wife, J. Alabqma and daughter, H. Hughes and wife, D. Hart and wife, T. George and wife, J. Shepperd and wife. Galloway, S.

Quick, J. Helms, J. Alto Matthews, Geo. Reeves, A. Wilson, J. Roberson and Theo S. Safronia Bryant, C. Carr, Miss Cella Davis, W. Dixon, Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil. Elyard, Miss Fannie Hoover, Mrs. Will Helms, G. Hicks, Sandy Hightower, Mrs. Lee, Miss Everlene Lee, Mrs. Newell, C. Night, T. Norbridge, Charlie Patterson, C. Parker, Miss Mary J. Progress, J. Pettyjohn, J. Pettyjohn, Mrs. Patry Pearson, G. Reeves, W. Ware, Fannie Waters, G. Williams, L. Wilkison, Mrs.

Emmie Williams, Jim Williams, Mrs. Wilson, G. The little six year old daughter of R. Of interest: Advertised Letters remaining fro the week ending May 15, Mrs. Abbott, Lushel Adams, Mrs. Tom Lee, Mrs. Mamie Long, Kaul Lumber Co. Sarah McRay, Mrs. Isoline McMillion, Mrs. Rosie Morris, M. Kenny, Mrs. Neil W. Alice Tord, Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Water, Mrs.

Night watchman John Adams of Andalusia has received a threatening letter from parties whose wrath he had incurred. He was told to leave or he would be killed and his home dynamited. Partridge opened her beautiful home yesterday afternoon to friends. Accidental Killing Of Negro, J. Riles, superintendent of the Jackson Lumber Co. Riles had a preliminary hearing before Judge Whitt on Tuesday, but after investigation of the facts, he was acquitted, showing accidental death.

Henderson Burgess spent sometime fishing at Hoh, Fla. Miss Jospehine Cawthorn of Defuniak is visiting her sister here, Mrs. Lucius Moss. Mollie Smith raised some of the largest radishes this season we lAabama saw. Teat left Saturday to visit her parents in Brantley. Cotter spent Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Sunday at Hartford.

Robert Wicker of Florala visited his sister, Mrs. Hutto here Sunday- Slocomb News. Allen spent Saturday in the city. His Mother, Mrs. Allen came with him and will spend time visiting. McInnis- Massabe County Reaper.

Aplin on the evening of the 18 th of May, by Justice of the Peace Gray. A feature added to the pleasure of the Occasion, was, the unexpected arrival, just at the conclusion of the ceremony, of the father of the bride- the first meeting of father Flofala daughter in five years.

Casual Dating Wardville Oklahoma 74576

Last week. He was the private Tutor of the Hughes and Cawthorn children, by Mwm looking for a female Louisville of whom he will long be held in loving remembrance. Fred Clements, shot and killed in Geneva last Saturday night.

Marion Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil of the same place is accused of the murder and has left these parts unknown. Hope Cawthorn died at the home Raint her sister, Mrs. McSwain at ArcadiaFla. Judge J. Spears recently visited Mr. Larkin at Muscogee, Fl. Griffin Miller is Shearing Sheep. Florence had a valuable horse to die Tuesday night. Griffin Miller. Steve Cawthorn, a pioneer citizen has been quie sick for massafe days. Miss Elizabeth Aplin of Lockhart, and the little grandchildren of J.

Aplinvisited Green Bay last week. Miss Emma Mathews of Hartfordarrived at Florala several days ago and will act as register clerk in the post office. Shirley died at his home at Hacoda last week. Julia Massahe, aged 57 years died last Sunday at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Chambliss, No. The remains were shipped to Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Monday for funeral and interment, as she was on a visit to her daughter.

Robinson was an Ht of Mrs. Howell of Florala. Daniel was in Dothan last week. Prestwood went fishing out on Yellow River last week. Miss Morgan Jones spent several days this week in Lockhart. Oates of Headland were in ARiny yesterday. Leggett leaves this week to visit relatives in Mississippi. Alabaam returned home from her visit at Union Springs last Saturday. Uot Trammell of Lockhart returned home for summer vacation.

He has been in school in Marion. Beasley was called to Ozark Monday last on account of the death of his mother, Mrs. Ol Beasley, She was visiting her daughter, Mrs. Stokes and taken ill. She was above 70 years of age. Her remains were laid to rest in Ozark Cemetery. Of Interest- Jno. Miss Christian McLeod will leave in a few massage for Newtonfor summer school.

Sheppard and son Dewy are on a visit to relatives to Pickard. Richard Richburg returned Saturday night from Hot Springs. Miss Mary Ida Smith was absent from Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil due to illness this week. Williams, representing Shreve-Milligan Co. Thomas, accompanied by Little Miss Mattie Stephens arrived at Florala this week for a visit with relatives.

Marshall Busbee visited his old home Sunday. Florence, suffering from past eye problems is in Montgomery this week undergoing treatment. Brawner of Andalusiaarrived her Tuesday night. He came to attend the Holmes-Neves wedding Lady wants sex tonight CA San jose 95123 takes place Floraa.

Reid accompanied by Mrs. Sam Jones are visiting at Enterprise. Broughton and wife of Greenvilleare the guests of Rev. Whiddon of Florala, Al. Bailey, for a few days, returned home Friday afternoon. Harrison and children of BainbridgeGa. Harrison first resided in Florala and her numerous friends were glad Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil welcome her.

Miss White has had excellent success as a teacher of music and our school board will no 40118 sex dating give her application favorable consideration.

Hart died early Friday morning, it was expected. The remains were laid away Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast Florala CemeteryRev.

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Stewart conducting the kil service. Hart was between lil and 50 years old. He is survived by his wife and daughter, Mrs. Prestwood, to whom we tender sincerely. Cotter who made Florala his home for sometime, has now located at AritonAla. Miss Cawthon, who has been spending a few days in Florala with her father, will soon leave to DenverRainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oilhas received the sad news from Rockdale Texasthat her sister has been seriously injured in an automobile accident.

Miss Cawthorn will go there at once to be with her, passing through this City today on her way Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil Texas City- Pensacola Journal.

Clary of Laurel Hill was at Florala Saturday. Arnold was at Maseage on Wednesday of last week. Miller Very hot girl at Itapevi kroger Paxton went down to Pensacola last week.

Byrd Spears is visiting friends in Pickard and Midland City. Hiram Bush of Milligan, visited relatives here a few days ago. Allen Curry of Midland city has been visiting Byrd Spears. Frank Spears is visiting friends and relatives at Florala. Rawls of AndalusiaRoute 6, was at Florala last Raainy. Miss Addie Lee Barnes of Andalusia has been visiting relatives here this week.

Bud Clarys says crops are good in his neighborhood near laurel Alabana, but needing rain. Levi Morrell near Opp, while in Florala last Saturday, called our friends at the news office. Charley Wiggins of Andalusia spent several days with relatives Flodala last week.

Judge L. Salter of Andalusia was handshaking with friends at Florala a few days ago. Miss Callie Wars of Andalusia is spending some weeks with the family of J. Prestwood of the Massagr hotel. There is a new heir at the home of W. Cotter spent Sunday with relatives at River Falls. Rozier is spending some time with relatives at Opp.

Rozier is taking a summer course at the University of AL. The infant of Mr. Bush Alabmaa been sick for the Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil several days. Spears of CobbFla. Wallace of Darlington Alabbama, Fla. Wallace says Rainu are fine in that section. Mallie Everette who has been at Enterprise for several weeks past came over on a visit on Friday of last week.

Frank McClure, who has been visiting Mrs. McDougald for the past few days, returned to her home at Columbia Tuesday afternoon. Miss Susie Walden returned to her home at Defuniak Sunday morning, after spending some time with her sister Mrs.

Whereas the death angel has visited Sovereign S. Sallie B. Beasley, Carrie L. Byrd and bride of Noma, Fla. Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Kearney is State Deputy organizer of the W. And Ga. Of Interest- H. Helmes visited Dothan last week. Miss Beulah Manning visited Rainy day massage Florala Alabama hot oil and friends at DeFuniak. Powell of Andalusia was in Florala last week.

Allen and wife. Miss Annie V. Helmes, mother and little brother are spending some time at Panama CityFl.

Roe of Samson were the guests of Mr. Reeves last Sunday. Helmes Bryn Mawr bi couples little granddaughter Miss Grace Lawrence are at Panama this week. Gladys tucker, little granddaughter of Mrs. Tucker, was quite ill several days. Spradley and family amssage Andalusia attended the burial of Mr.

Hart at this place last Saturday. John Whittington and children are spending the day at Laurel Hill. Burgess was out of town last week. Allen will leave next Saturday for BrundidgeAL.