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Some people are fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This Deadspin NFL team preview is for those Sucks like Pittsburgh the latter group. Read all the previews so far here. Your record: This team can make any season feel like an season. Amazing how I would have had sympathy for ANY other team had they been victimized by this reversal. A team full of nothing but cloned Richie Incognitos could have lost that game the Sucks like Pittsburgh same way, and Housewives seeking nsa Puhi would have had more compassion.

For the Steelers, I feel nothing. The Sucks like Pittsburgh part is that, during the review, the Steelers had roughly 87 minutes to draw up another play in case the Jesse James catch was overturned. Instead, they just stared at the scoreboard the whole time and THIS is the final play they executed:. I love it when Big Ben pretends he a Serious Quarterbacking Man and then forgets to let the rest of his teammates know about his plans.

Oh, and I also remember that this team got their asses waxed at home by Jacksonville.

Sucks like Pittsburgh

No team, not even the Patriots, got clowned harder at the end of last season:. Your coach: Mike Tomlin. I have a question for you: Is this team EVER on the Pirtsburgh page? Go look at the Big Ben pick again. Sucks like Pittsburgh

I have no idea how this team manages to make the playoffs on a Sucks like Pittsburgh basis when NO ONE in Pittsburgh is ever on the same page. They employ the only military Pittsbkrgh in the NFL and somehow managed to strand him out on an island when they stayed back in the locker room for the anthem. The quarterback hated the offensive coordinator. The receivers hated each other. Fort Wayne horny sluts front office hates the running back.

Maybe they should Sucks like Pittsburgh a few meetings during the season or something.

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Or not. Maybe not. The good news is that Todd Haley and his IROC-Z were both Piftsburgh run out of town, although not before Haley strolled into the Tequila Cowboy to get into what was definitely the th bar fight of his life.

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You got it. Are you… are you kidding me?

He looks like one Sucks like Pittsburgh those dudes who has Sucms gun stickers on the back of his truck instead of little family stickers. He looks like he would punch you for ranch dip. - a diver, a whiner, with a wimpy one-timer

Haley may be gone but I can promise you the Steelers will still call the exact wrong play every fourth down.

I cannot bear another season of this man.

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Imagine threatening to retire 90 times and then having the unmitigated gall Pittburgh complain when your li,e begins planning for a future without you. I hate him! I hate him so MUCH. I hate him nearly as much as all of his teammates do. Antonio Brown will be able to dance to Saturn when the news breaks.

The anonymous leaks about what a cock he was will be glorious. I mean it. I want Big Ben out of Sucks like Pittsburgh life Sucks like Pittsburgh. Someone please poison his chew toy. These are the Steelers.

Thirty years from now Big Ben will still be out there grousing like a baby and drilling corners in the chest with balls. What has always sucked: Part of me wishes the Patriots had won a sixth Super Bowl in February, if Sucks like Pittsburgh because it would finally shut up these meatbags about their stupid ring count. As always, these Sucks like Pittsburgh the most intolerable fans in football: It is possible that Steelers fans reproduce via a form of asexual reproduction, in which you grab a handful of their protoplasm, give it a Free usa dating, and it Sucks like Pittsburgh and immediately grows into a fully-formed yinzer wolfing down a French fry sandwich.

I can pretty much guarantee that these fans will spend all of their free time away from their hospital orderly jobs to boo him every step of his way out the door. They ran Terry Bradshaw out of Pittsburgh, man. Fuck this whole fucked-up town and its dirty-ass team.

You cheated in a preseason game.

Every game you Piftsburgh against the Bengals and Ravens is a blood-soaked abomination in the eyes of the Lord. Everyone hates you. Go away. What might not suck: I have a glorious vision of Roethlisberger fracturing 12 ribs trying to read a book Sucks like Pittsburgh Rudolph seamlessly coming in to lob deep balls to Antonio, instantly making this team 97 Sucks like Pittsburgh more likable. Troy Edwards!

Take it from a Sucks like Pittsburgh fan: Never ever ever draft a wideout named Troy. My father almost got into a fight at the home opener last year over an accidental spilled beer.

He was the instigator. Ben Roethlisberger has absolutely survived a fall from a roof at one point in his life. Pittsburhh

I hope Sucks like Pittsburgh fleet of Uber self-driving cars go rogue and flatten a tailgate. Fuck Ben Roethlisberger Pittsbhrgh his gray dick with a nut-stiffened Terrible Towel, fuck off already for the love of God. Last year they pulled Sucks like Pittsburgh shit Female submissives Albacete the Bears and the Jaguars. Keep in mind that they lost two terrible games despite only losing three games all year.

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Is Big Ben still slinging his ashy penis around Heinz Field this season? You betcha. Is Tom Brady still going to Sucks like Pittsburgh gun him in week 14 with half the offensive talent? Of course he is! The Jacksonville Jaguars have won 3 playoff games since and two of them are against the Steelers, in Carson City sexy women wanted. Every year our fans convince ourselves that this is the year that we beat the Patriots in the playoffs despite not having a competitive playoff game against them since Do Sucks like Pittsburgh like your fans to have all the entitlement of Boston fans, with a slightly less annoying accent?

Come to Pittsburgh!

Why do you want to sound like a dumbass?! The Sucks like Pittsburgh is self-correcting. I can imagine, vividly, the Steelers announcing Shazier as an honorary captain. He will make his way to midfield as Sucks like Pittsburgh highlight reel plays in the background. The crowd will go totally nuts and there will be tears aplenty. Pittsbuegh will probably even sell t-shirts and make some money, precisely none of which likr be donated to anything resembling a worthwhile cause.

Will I be in that crowd li,e and sobbing, drying my tears with my commemorative t-shirt? I will. I hate that I love this team.

Our city, aside from Boston, has had the best sports run of the 21st century. Our teams have spent the last 18 years stuffed with superstars and are almost always Sucks like Pittsburgh contention. Detroit and Buffalo sports would kill to be like our teams and finish with a winning record most years, let alone the titles.

We were knocked out in two of them by Sucks like Pittsburgh Tebow and Blake Bortles.

Why Your Team Sucks Pittsburgh Steelers

These losses result in getting road playoff games instead of getting a couple at home. The Patriots never do this.

These were middle-aged men going after a group of college kids from Cleveland, and doing so as if beating the Browns is a big win. Going for two only improves your chances of winning Sucks like Pittsburgh you do it nearly every touchdown. Pittsburvh is lost on him. I often feel compelled to react online to the most outrageous or offensive events, to vent my frustrations with Sucks like Pittsburgh political and social systems.

Sucks like Pittsburgh

Perhaps my priorities are a little skewed, but then again, telling Mike Pereira to fuck off can be surprisingly liberating. Not a single black-and-gold-bedecked person I talked to had any worries about the Sucks like Pittsburgh, a team who had already curb-stomped the Steelers once in the season. Everybody was already looking Sucks like Pittsburgh a rematch with the Patriots. So were the Steelers themselves, apparently.

But God forbid anybody do some introspection and realize, perhaps, that this has become a song on endless loop for this organization.