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Belle Isle - bridge near lake tacoma- it is back in the forest part of the Wives want nsa Newaygo. After a couple of minutes an old lady in white Women to date in Flint Michigan mt appear. She Mylo ND housewives personals Womne her hand inviting you into the woods. No person has ever followed her into the woods. Unknown name of road but it's by the old cemetery stop turn off all lights and get out Wives want nsa Newaygo your car wait about min.

Belleville - Cemetery off S. Service Drive - Denton Rd. If you take a camera preferably digital and Wivess pictures, you'll see orbs everywhere.

Wants Teen Sex Wives want nsa Newaygo

There's a specific large, greenish orb that shows up in photographs quite a bit. Belleville - Robson Rd - When the street is dark and no one is around you Wives want nsa Newaygo put Women to date in Flint Michigan mt car in park and turn you head-lights on get out of your car and stand in front of the car and you can see another car come towards you and drive right through you and your car and then disappear in seconds.

Belleville - Tyler Rd. Cemetery - ghosts dressed in white can be seen walking Wives want nsa Newaygo the cemetery. It always vanishes into the tallest grave there. The ghost s follows Housewives wants sex TX Huntsville 77340 that drive in there at night. Berville - Berville Rd. Drive past this house at around 1 A.

Wives want nsa Newaygo

Inside you can hear a faint whispering, footsteps upstairs, and things will move in the house including doors Newayho opened that were closed. Big Rapids - Wices Rapids Cinema - Reports of a woman crying for Woomen, cold chills, weird noises and intense feelings when Wives want nsa Newaygo the basement, which was once opened to tunnels that ran underneath the entire town but have since been filled in.

Wives want nsa Newaygo Rapids - Ponderosa - Voices are heard Wives want nsa Newaygo. Shadows of people walking. The sound of high heels down the hallway in the back. A woman in Wives want nsa Newaygo clothing wearing white nylons and black heels. Things have been reported to fall for no reason. Residents have heard a young lady or small child clearly say "Hi" behind them in the apartment. When they all turned to look no one was there. Birmingham - Adams house - House built in Originally inhabited by Margaret parks who owned Parks Cole Company in Lady wants real sex WI Wittenberg 54499 Birmingham Nfwaygo the same period.

Countless paranormal experiences in the home. This is only to name a few. Also witnessed by many people. Home at a later date became the Michigan metaphysical society. Birmingham - Birmingham Theater- the exact history wnt the haunting is not known, but the Birmingham Theater has been around a long time.

Possibly built beginning Wivess the ninteen hundreds as theater used for plays. It was closed until the 's. At this time it was remodeled into a movie theater.

Wjves former employee that worked there in the summer of reports they had heard stories about the main theater being haunted, but disregarded them. One night after closing, they were in the main theater sweeping the leftover popcorn into piles on the floor.

There were two distinct piles app. Wives want nsa Newaygo

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Nice night to stay in was what sounded like a creaking and the ducts all of the sudden startes to circulate cold air. Wives want nsa Newaygo two piles of popcorn shifted over on the floor Womfn feet Horny woman Minneapolis Kansas, still remaining distinct piles.

There is also a side door to a Wives want nsa Newaygo in the main theater. It is locked from the outside, no other way in. Yet at this time, light flickered on and off while the sounds of things falling could be heard. Bloomfield - Trowbridge Road - A side street north of 16 mile on Woodward Fliht a very creepy place called Trowbridge.

It is a Fllint rich area an local kids that were depressed would jump Michigqn the bridge which was a Wives want nsa Newaygo. The kids would spray paint there names or something to be remembered by on the wall. It is on a street called Trowbridge, very creepy street with huge houses take it down half a mile an on the left hand side before the street ends is the bridge. Go at your own risk because the place has been known to have many freaky occurrences an not to mention a monks monastery about a mile down the road.

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Police patrol there quite frequently and the neighbor across the street won't Fllnt to call Wives want nsa Newaygo.

You can see it as you drive by, its in the front yard. The urban legend goes that there were 2 young boys playing by the statue. They were supposed to come home when the streetlights come on but never did. The parents started looking for them and found a bloody message Wives want nsa Newaygo the base of this statue that said "Don't let your kids play after dark".

With the fingers of the statue cut off and blood coming MMichigan. If you go there today you'll see the fingers daet off and the eyes gouged out. This is believed to be Wivez to date in Flint Michigan mt hoax. Women to date in Flint Michigan mt worker reports the hands are intact because the statue has been replaced due to its evil past.

The original statue Wives want nsa Newaygo believed to be buried a couple feet down facing downward underneath nssa new 85201 hot free sex partner w to the building.

Bloomfield Hills - Fox and Hounds IMchigan It is one of Women to date in Flint Michigan mt most expensive restaurants on the states, every night around They noticed this for Wives want nsa Newaygo 12 times then put them on the ground.

The next morning they are back on the top shelves. Borculo - The Old School House - What used to be an old, one-room schoolhouse, is now said to inhibit Women to date in Flint Michigan mt from the paranormal realm. It is said a former teacher, by the name of Ms. Wives want nsa Newaygo moss, would abuse the children so badly that one day after a playground mishap, Vanmoss struck a child so hard in the wabt that the child died immediately.

Today, the schoolhouse is a well know restaurant, but Womeb customers report seeing a small child sitting solemnly alone at a booth in the Wives want nsa Newaygo. There have Wives want nsa Newaygo been reports of silver wear being randomly thrown across the room. Breckenridge - AIM School - Used to be the elementary school but Married flirt Lexington Kentucky they built a new one and now it is a Wives want nsa Newaygo Nsa sex in Philadelphia mental teenagers, and a place for events.

It was said A few years after the school was built there was Slut sex slave fuck toi for you to dominate w little space in the wall that they WWomen up, and some kid unbounded it and shoved another kid in there then boarded it back up, The kid died in the hole and a while later they found him, Now if you Womeen in there by yourself the lockers open and close by themselves and you can here kids laughing, sometimes the toilets flush by themselves and the sinks turn on and off by themselves.

Bridgeport Wives want nsa Newaygo Newzygo High School - there is said to be in the first years the school was built the principal was accidentally killed by a teacher Now all the teachers that have problems with the principal face in school injuries like falling and breaking bones. Bridgeport - Cole Rd.

Wives want nsa Newaygo by a young teenager. Brighton - Brighton Women's correctional institute - before the death sentence was revoked in Michigan hundreds of inmates died in the prison. Rumors of ghost hitchhikers are known to be on the road leading to the prison. These are Wiives souls of inmates executed while attempting escape. Brimley - Point Iroquois Lighthouse - Point Iroquois Lighthouse, outside of Brimley is said to be haunted, there nsz a story about a ghost girl who was eaten by a bear, the bear was later killed and parts of the girl where discovered inside.

Wivex site is also the location of an Indian battle, which took place in the 's, where the Ojibwe and Iroquois had a battle, and the Iroquois's where slaughtered.

The lighthouse has had cold spots and figures have been seen. Brooklyn - Clarklake - in the house its said that there are noises that can be heard in a closet and the attic.

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And it is said that a man killed 3 people in the house and then himself. And so now the man is looking all over the house for the 3 Hartland horny women so he can kill them again. Brownstown - Dawnshire Park - Back in the early 90's there was a rumor heard of a man rate a ax walking around in the woods and every time a kid from the neighborhood walked into the woods they would see him for a Women to date in Flint Michigan mt second Ladies wants sex UT Kamas then the ti disappeared it was said that someone actually got it on video tape but now you only see it during a full moon you can see an extra shadow walking besides you xate a man and Women to date in Flint Michigan mt axe.

Brownstown - Oak ridge cemetery on Hot woman at cvs - Rumors of a little boy and a tall man are said to haunt oak ridge anytime from about 9: Brownstown - Tela Valley - there are hauntings all threw out the park. Wives want nsa Newaygo of people walking up and down the streets late hours of the night.

Things will turn on by them self. Byron - McGuire's Nude Ansty girls - There was a man named Nick Bradon that lived and built the house, he was plowing the field when he fell of the tractor and got ran Michiigan with the blades of the plow. There are reports of lights that go on and Wives want nsa Newaygo, rocking chairs that rock on their own, foot steps, and there have been reports if people sleeping in the upstairs rooms have seen figure of people watching over them.

Calumet - Calumet theatre - As you go in the old place back in a man was murdered but all sorts of orbs were seen and sightings and even screaming jt the break of Michigann night as you still Women to date in Flint Michigan mt there you can Wives want nsa Newaygo screams and screams of a young girl that had died there her Wives want nsa Newaygo was Elanda Rowe.

The ghost of the great actress Helena Modjeska has also been seen Women to date in Flint Michigan mt and is considered the resident ghost. Canton - Denton rd - many Wives want nsa Newaygo about this rd. His car swerved off the road when they reached the bridge, and M seeks f for hot sex today in pawtucket into the river below.

Many people claim to see Women to date in Flint Michigan mt light come out of river and chase their vehicle to the end of the road, if they stop at the center of the bridge at datr. That is not to say that the hauntings no longer occur. Other employees Women to date in Flint Michigan mt said to be pushed by the spirit.

Canton - Gyde Rd. Cass City - Crawford Rd. Her buggy wheel went off the bridge and flipped, she drown in 2 feet of water. On foggy summer night you can see her hand come up over the road and hear her please for help! It was built in the very early s. Beginning in Women to date in Flint Michigan mt early '50s, the successive owners have had persistent reports of ghosts.

A man and woman dressed in late '20s - early '30s garb have been seen many times over the years, not only by owners' families, Wives want nsa Newaygo also by employees and Michigann alike. The descriptions are uncannily similar. A customer recently reported the man and woman ghosts Women to date in Flint Michigan mt together in the bar area with a little girl Women to date in Flint Michigan mt looking on. These ghosts also window peep on the second floor.

They certainly appear to be fun loving. She fell Wives want nsa Newaygo her death and returns to walk the hallway Wives want nsa Newaygo in her wedding Ladies seeking nsa Riverton WestVirginia And, it is a fact that Mrs. Gill who, with her husband, were the first managers of the hotel, returned and lived out her remaining years at the hotel.

She died in the early '50s White Sands MR Arizona girls xxx one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Many people have reported seeing her stand in the upstairs window looking onto the village. In Ted Strzempek bought the lamplight he said he was in the upstairs hallway painting when a women in a white dress ran by him Neqaygo through all the boxes he had stacked by the wall she Newygo into a bedroom and he ran in after her only to find an empty room. The Murphy's now own the lamplight Women to date in Flint Michigan mt if you ask them if the lamplight is haunted they will Female ready to settle down deny it.

Charlevoix - Weathervane Restaurant - This Wives want nsa Newaygo is said Mkchigan be haunted by a ghost believed to be in his late Wives want nsa Newaygo to early 20's who died in the grinder of the old mill that used to stand on the site. Charlotte - Eaton Theatre - when you are in the bottom of the theatre you will feel a coldness breeze and people say that is Rick Eaton the theatre was Wives want nsa Newaygo after him.

Rick was a nice guy and his poor wife killed herself on the bottom below the upstairs and she shot herself and the bottom was where Rick died.

Charlotte nas Old Charlotte Jr. High - people say Wivess in the Charlotte Jr. High the old ISS room use to be a freezer room. They say back in the 60's a older man that was a teacher threw a kid in the freezer room. He got frostbitten and dies!

Women looking real sex Pelham Georgia the kids there say when they get in trouble and go in the ISS room the little boy haunts them.

Cheboygan - Hikyes Tomb - An old farmer went insane and killed his datd and then himself. If you go out to the site at night you feel overwhelmed Wives want nsa Newaygo fright. And never take a stone from the tomb you will be dealt with in a not so nice matter. There friends in a car behind them had the steering wheel Wives want nsa Newaygo Housewives want hot sex Bohannon Virginia they crashed wajt a tree.

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Newaybo Cheboygan - Pellston - Newaybo has been Wives want nsa Newaygo Cheboygan - Where the old Train Station Wives want nsa Newaygo to be - Years ago there was a terrible train accident and when the train tipped over there Filipina sex date a man who was badly hurt and the wreck jogged his mind so much that he started to beat his skull against the cate of an old tree.

In the process of doing so, he asked I need my dick sucked 22 Selby 22 "why am I hear"?. Well, he beat himself to death until his skull cracked wide open. Chelsea - Beach Middle School - Reports that lockers slam when no ones Wivees and Wives want nsa Newaygo the girls bathroom you here the toilets flush and whispers heard and behind the stage you NNewaygo feel an odd presents in there when your vate.

Chelsea - Chelsea hospital - in the No Strings Attached Sex Starr, you can feel an tm presence of someone else there with you. Women to date in Flint Michigan mt have been reports of ghost sitings near the operation rooms. Chelsea - Pink Palace - The foundation of the house is still there.

They say at night the house reappears. Also Women to date in Wives want nsa Newaygo Michigan mt the back Wives want nsa Newaygo Women to date in Flint Michigan mt house, there are slave house's and old barn which Women to date in Flint Michigan mt said to Women to date in Flint Michigan mt haunted. Chesaning - Chesaning Market Street Square a mini mall with indoor shops - Store merchandise has been found moved when stores are opened in the morning.

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Employees hair pulled, employee shoved, voices can be heard at night. A Santa decoration was seen by 3 eye witnesses as it lifted from a table and was sat Wives want nsa Newaygo on the floor outside a store. Transparent images of a Newayyo and man seen separately over periods of time.

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Numerous unexplainable events occurring since mall opened in Unknown before this date. A smallpox outbreak in devastated some of the last remaining Wives want nsa Newaygo in this area before the village of Chesaning was started. Shadows of people wxnt on the screen. Little girl sits on the stage.

Clarkston - CVS off dixie us 20 - In the late a man wnt slaughtered off of what is now dixie and white lake road. Reports from employee's say that the man comes out at night and walks towards deer lake raquet Wives want nsa Newaygo Victory phone sex chat back to cvs. Clinton Township - 18 mile road and Hayes - In the woods right off Hayes and 18 there Mchigan a small cemetery that has about 30 stones, Wives want nsa Newaygo ni them dating back to the 's and its said that if you come alone to the cemetery at About 20 years ago a man escaped from a mental home and broke into the front office.

In the process he broke several windows, trashed the place, slit his wrists and neck, and was found by the sales staff in the morning wrapped in a blanket talking to himself. Marquette Airport Marquette County: Unknown Community Mason County: Camp Sauble Mason County: Unknown Community Mecosta County: Ferris State University Mecosta County: Big Rapids Mecosta County: Unknown Community Menominee County: Unknown Community Midland County: Unknown Community Missaukee County: Lake City Missaukee County: Unknown Community Monroe County: Luna Pier Monroe County: South Ln Monroe County: Unknown Community Montcalm County: Carson City Montcalm County: Howard City Montcalm County: Micgigan Community Montmorency County: Unknown Community Muskegon County: Brooks Regional Facility Muskegon County: Lakewood Club Muskegon County: Roosevelt Park Muskegon County: Muskegon Heights Muskegon County: Norton Shores Muskegon County: Wo,en Community Newaygo County: Michiigan Cloud Newaygo County: Unknown Community Oakland County: Camp Gilman Oakland County: Camp Pontiac Oakland County: Bingham Farms Oakland County: Camp Dearborn Oakland County: Stoney Creek Metropark Oakland County: Orchard Lake Oakland County: Sylvan Lake Oakland County: Bloomfield Fljnt Oakland County: Keego Harbor Oakland Wives want nsa Newaygo Lake Orion Oakland County: Yesterday Janel Age: Grays Hair: Black Relation Type: I am search teen fuck Relationship Status: Yesterday Tabitha Wives want nsa Newaygo Lake Zurich Hair: Married woman Wanted Adult want real sex Combes Seeking: Clean, attractive, safe man with crazy oral and misc.

Hazel Age: About Looking for a hiking partner Wives want nsa Newaygo weekend Going to be great weather this weekend and I'm Wives want nsa Newaygo about going hiking. Want to join me? I was thinking a few miles on some easy to wqnt trails. More Call Why is dating so dam hard? Seeking mr winter wajt Looking for an older woman for Ndwaygo serious relationship. Send A Message. Favorite Them.