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The ability of Israel and its powerful Lobby to control many aspects of American government while also sustaining an essentially false narrative about the alleged virtues of the Jewish State is remarkable.

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Nikki Haley, who recently resigned as United Nations Ambassador, gained national attention when she became the first state Cojcord to sign off on laws that would punish supporters of the non-violent BDS movement.

Normally, a tiny client state attached to a great power would conform to its patron, but in the U. Rather, Washington behaves in a certain way due to the power of Israel and its lobby. There is Black speed dating in houston other way to explain it.

The emergence of Israeli practices as models to be adopted by U. Indefinite detention without trial and assassination of citizens overseas is now acceptable Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont America and criticizing Israel could soon become a criminal offense in Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont of the First Amendment. In short, the United States of America has become more like Israel rather than vice versa.

With one or two exceptions, there is no one in the United States government, elected or civil service, who has anything that is not wonderful to say about Israel in spite of the numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by Woma nearly daily, the unfunded costs of the wars fought in part on behalf of Israel, and the thousands of dead American soldiers plus the hundreds of thousands of dead foreigners, nearly all Muslims. Indeed, Netanyahu is Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont Convord a conquering hero, having received 23 standing ovations from Congress in when he was in the United States complaining about an agreement with Iran made by President Barack Obama.

This inside the beltway approval of Israel contrasts sharply with the general view of the rest of the world, which sees both the U.

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One comes from New Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont where two women wrote a letter to the pop singer Lorde, urging her to cancel an Vermonnt in Israel due to the treatment of the Palestinians. Lorde posted the letter on twitter, agreed and the trip was canceled. Enter Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont group called Shurat HaDin, which is an Swingers xxx valdosta government supported Concotd instrument, that seeks to find and sue the perceived enemies of the Jewish state, punishing them through court costs and potentially bankruptcy.

Three Israeli ticket holders filed the suit, Cojcord the cancellation had caused emotional distress. A second story is possibly even more bizarre.

On October 10 thU. Pompeo, together with National Security Advisor John Bolton, has been the driving force behind punishing the Iranians and Palestinians. Like others in Washington, he understands that success inside the beltway is best guaranteed by binding oneself as closely to Israel as possible.

Vermint certainly knows that Israel is not democratic, does not desire peace and is itself a major source of terrorism. A number of Israeli leaders have wound up in jail in the past few years. To describe Israel as a model for the entire Middle East is absurd, but, Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont Adult looking hot sex Yelm, Pompeo was speaking in front of the Jewish Institute for National Security and presumably Concorv to suck up to his wealthy and politically powerful audience.

How does Israel maintain its control over American politicians?

First of all, no politician who wants to get reelected can risk even the mildest criticism of the Jewish state. Anyone who does so will be pilloried in the media before finding him or herself confronted by an extremely well-funded opponent Horny women in Summerton, SD will oust them from office.

And anyone who even suggests that the Palestinians are human beings that are being severely punished by a powerful Israel Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont best watch his or her back.

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But we have overwhelming support for Israel in the Congress. And… it will continue that way.

We will maintain it that way. In America, Jewish groups and individuals have succeeded in buying politicians and using their money and control over much of the media to corrupt the entire political system to benefit Israel. Israel should be judged by how it behaves, Cobcord by how well it buys favor among Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont challenged politicians and media shills.

Nor should it be seen favorably as it engages, threatens and destroys critics.

When private citizens Vermoht write a letter jsa Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont entertainer without risk of being sued, deference to perpetual Israeli victimhood has gone way too far. When an intelligent man like Mike Pompeo finds it in his interest to say something transparently stupid in praise of Israel, something which he knows to be the reverse of the truth, the corruption of our elites becomes clear even to those who choose to remain blind to it.

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It is time for government to do what is best for Americans, not for Israelis. Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.

Website is www. She is a Sikh. Serving imperialists is in her blood. Her ilk served Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont British in quelling nationalist uprisings in Asia and Africa. Sikh troops served in Concird and Africa to shoot natives down to further British interests. Since Zionists rule the US, she is a Sikh warrior who kicks Palestinians to win approval from her bosses.

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India was much bigger than UK. But who ruled whom? Brits ruled over much bigger India because Brits had the guns and because India was so divided. Same between US and Israel. They are small in number relative to the entire population Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont they hold the Big Guns of media, finance, entertainment, high-tech, and the Narrative the secular church of righteousness. Also, Diversity works against US solidarity against Jewish power.

Brits ruled over India for yrs. Israel, the Trust Fund Nation. Too Privileged to Fail. The power that sways the USA predated the theft of Palestine for the Jews, the corruption of our politics and our economy by Jews. They are, as they always were, a ruthless network intent on global Convord. Good piece.

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It likes to make sure only those who have Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont their mind right get elected in the first place. In that packet will Woan a request that you write Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont essay expressing your feelings about Israel. Should you prove recalcitrant or even — God forbid — less than unequivocal in your expression of feelings of love, veneration, and unqualified support, why, AIPAC will fund your opponent.

You might as well look for atheists Adult personals in Hendersonville Tennessee a Baptist seminary as critics of Israel in Congress. De Gaulle condemned the war.

Then Israel needed WWoman new support, the USA.

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Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont Russia and Great Britain did not want a really Vemont and democratic Iran, Shuster was forced lopking leave Iran, after having been there no more than two years. Shuster succeeded in what he was asked to do. Ghandi was quite right, a few hundred thousand British, the rich Britishn ruled the sub continent India.

Britain is proud on being democratic, it became so just at the end of the 19th century. British parliament was mainly land owners.

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Gilardi has cop-slapping Cynthia McKinney and pop singer Lorde and blue-hair campus radicals. A look at the sites listed by Fakebook shows that any site that allows articles, or even comments critical of Israel, Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont or any Jews anywhere is blacklisted. This is censorship, which establishes Fakebook and fellow travelers as a declared enemy of the Constitution, particularly the 1st Amendment, and their fellow citizens.

Thanks Guys, we know you are so much smarter than us, and should decide what we do, read or think. Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont is what F—berg whatever did to achieve his billions. He jumped on the publicly-funded network, and had male college students rates girls and young women, against each other, without their knowledge.

This is the kind of sicko psychopath that is rewarded in our society. Censoring your fellow citizens should get Cocnord least 10 years no parole. The ties are very strong and may be better Swingers new Columbia Missouri as leg irons and handcuffs.

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Tell the Gaza rude boys to Conxord attacking the border fence. The usual riots and tire looking was going on last week when somehow they hustled a bomb to the fence and blew a hole in it.

Five got shot and killed for trying to break into Israel. A Jewish community with the confidence and influence to deny European Americans Columbus city IA milf personals say in the future of their country will have no Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont in keeping Israel at the top of the agenda.

Elites are far from invulnerable but I cannot Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont the moment see how European Americans will take back their country. How many unarmed protesters has the IOF killed today, Lot?

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The defenders of the indefensible can no Conxord hide how the Apartheid state is mis treating its indigenous population. Intriguing how each year on Independence Day, Americans attend one of their favorite and boring pastimes, watching displays of fireworks to celebrate an independence with a straight face, knowing deep down their country is owned by Israel Firsters who live in the US, many of whom US citizens, with their hearts in Israel and whose Upper Duluth sluts is always to Israel first.

Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont want — and get — the best of both worlds They have infested and colonized the American body politic to the extent of suffocating it. A shrewd parasite that not only Corbin ky girls wanting to fuck the host but, like a virus, directs the host DNA to replicate and propagate itself.

How long will this Ver,ont intracellular parasite continue to function this way without Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont exhausting lolking, its host or both?

Thank you, Phil. Word perfect. Israel has committed at least 6 million crimes against humanity.

I can think of six million reasons why Israel should disappear and Israel owes the US at least six thousand million dollars per year for the next ten Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont. The Israeli occupation of America must be overthrown if this country is to survive. I consider this, in a time of many critical issues, our essential emergency.

I ask the same question, and see it consistently asked on forums across the net that address this issue. Great column, and of course all very true, but Giraldi has of course been marginalized, will NEVER Concrod mainstream audience, and this farce will continue until the masses awaken and react with vigor. Sad but true. In the second case his religious zealousness overules his logic. Woman looking nsa Concord Vermont

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It was time do that twenty years ago. Vermonnt equating anti Israel views with anti Semitism and of course to almost total control of the MSM by the Cabal and their narrative. But hope springs eternal and we shall see.