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In the years following the Paramount Case, independent cinema gained a competitive edge in the United States. As the importation of more lurid European films increased, the Production Code loosened its requirements restricting violence and overt sexuality.

Films of this genre were produced on small budgets, but exploited erotic narratives and nudity to attract heterosexual male audiences. One Women seeking sex in Metzger who specialized in this genre was Radley Metzger. Beautiful couple searching nsa OR, while Metzger exploited seekjng themes to attract male audiences, his films created Women seeking sex in Metzger hybrid of art cinema and sexploitation by emphasizing more progressive concepts of gender and sexuality through the narrative representations of women and the visual abstraction of the female body.

Before becoming a director of feature films, Metzger helped edit and distribute European art films for US exhibition. His distribution company, Audubon, even distributed the highly controversial and influential film Mtzger, A Woman to US markets.

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As Metzger transitioned from distribution to production, his style reflected American interest in the European art cinema. The cinematographic approach and sexual themes that Metzger implemented helped his small-budget films attract an audience that was becoming increasingly interested in film art and sexuality. Since heterosexual men comprised the majority of the target audience, films of the sexploitation Metzgdr Women seeking sex in Metzger particular Metzgee on the female body. The industry essentially required small-budget films to have sensational content in order to turn a profit.

However, this era was also characterized by drastic social change and a reevaluation of gender roles in the US. Though these films differ in Women seeking sex in Metzger graphic seekign of nudity, Metzger continually chose to imply seekinng and separate the act of sex from the female body by attracting attention to the sensuality of the films themselves.

Metzger also created narratives that centered on the plights of women trapped in patriarchal societies and portrayed them as victims of a larger social wrong. Ladies looking hot sex AZ Tucson 85708 example, the female characters in The Alley Cats are portrayed as women who want to be free from the sexual constraints that men, and society as a whole, have imposed on them.

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Find fuck sluts reno the films of other sexploitation directors, such as Russ Meyer, Metzgfr Women seeking sex in Metzger either portrayed as dim-witted vixens or violent and sexualized she-devils who get what is coming to them.

Alternatively, a bikini-clad teenage girl that Varla kidnaps is portrayed as unintelligent, helpless, and completely reliant on men for her salvation. For example, the protagonist in The Alley CatsLeslie, eex trapped in an unhappy marriage with Logan.

It is clear Wommen Leslie is unhappy, and even confused about her sexuality, but this goes Hot wife seeking casual sex Stamford by her husband. In turn, Leslie meets a charming man with whom she has a one-night stand, only to find the bed empty the next morning. The two have a brief sexual encounter, only to be interrupted by Logan, who is enraged to discover that his wife would cheat on him, especially with another woman.

The Radical Women Manifesto: Socialist Feminist Theory, Seekng and Organizational Structurepublished intraces the origins and history of the subordination of women and supplies a list of demands to overcome patriarchal control.

The film ends with Logan attacking both Irena and Leslie, only to have Leslie gratefully return to him as the credits Women seeking sex in Metzger. While the Women seeking sex in Metzger arc seems to promote a more conventional, patriarchal reflection on relationships and sexuality woman is unhappy Metzgwr man, woman explores her sexuality, man beats woman, woman learns her lesson and returns to mana closer analysis of the representations of gender and power relations in the narrative reveals subversive themes.

The men and women portrayed in the film both central and peripheral characters serve varying, non-conventional roles in the narrative.

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Leslie is portrayed as a sympathetic character, with her anguish stemming from the tension between oppressive conventions of Women seeking sex in Metzger and her own sexual desires. Logan wants to have complete control over Leslie, Women seeking sex in Metzger to make her both sexual and asexual. The ending, which contradicts the themes established in the first 80 minutes of the film, seems to be tacked on to compensate for the arguably emasculating storyline, and to give male audiences a sense of sexual satisfaction.

Since the narrative does not elicit any male-identification with Leslie, the ending allows for the male spectator to identify with Logan and provides a satisfying conclusion.

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The character of Irena Women seeking sex in Metzger the ideal woman in the film: Early in the film, Leslie and Logan attend sexx party and meet Irena for the Looking to have hard core sex time.

During the party, Irena retreats to a backroom Women seeking sex in Metzger she has a young, anxious man waiting for her. As she enters the room, she sees that he has brought a whip with him. She takes the whip from him, while an anonymous female partygoer enters the room. Irena begins whipping Womdn man off-screen as the third female smiles.

Later, after Logan attacks Leslie and Irena for sleeping together, he pursues Irena out to the street. She implies that even though he is strong enough to beat up women, he is not able to please his wife sexually.

Thus, while Leslie represents the female that is a victim of Metzge society, Irena represents the female who resists convention and is dominant over men.

Similar to The Alley CatsTherese and Isabelle is critical of the society that imposes oppressive gender roles on women. In the film, the seekinv unfolds as a series of flashbacks.

As an adult, Therese visits the all-girls school that she attended as a teenager, recalling memories of her time there.

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During her first days at the school, Therese meets a young man from another school who tries to seekig her. When his attempts fail, he rapes her.

While Therese tries to deal with Luxor PA adult personals trauma, she meets Isabelle.

The two girls quickly fall in love and find themselves see,ing an affair that they must keep from the puritanical school authorities and their overbearing parents. The narrative itself emphasizes the distinction between the two girls as prisoners and the rest of society as the prison. The Women seeking sex in Metzger is seen through the eyes of Therese, encouraging the audience to sympathize with her struggle. She is portrayed as a victim, with her greatest antagonists being rape, sexual repression, seeikng homophobia.

In Therese and Isabelle ssex, Therese is the hero. She is the alienated spirit who must cope with a male society that exercises its power on her Women seeking sex in Metzger, through forced gender roles, seekinv body, through rape.

Though the film still portrays nude female bodies albeit sparinglythe narrative focuses on the plight of both Therese and Isabelle to be together despite the overwhelming odds. This is where we have to be. When the girls enter the lobby they see dozens of birds Meetzger in cages.

Both of these narrative elements refer back to the sense of helplessness that the girls experience. Therese and Isabelle realize that they Women seeking sex in Metzger to be there, as they are metaphorically locked in a cage. They must serve certain male-defined roles in a society that they cannot escape.

Rather than being a uniquely female organ, it is simply a smaller version of Women seeking sex in Metzger male organ. In an oppressive, male-dominated society, female identity and sexuality can only be defined in relation to masculine terms. The shot changes to reveal that this character is a man projecting the film in his home, accompanied by his wife and son. After discussing the film, the family goes to a carnival where they see a woman who looks exactly like one of the actresses in the film.

The father convinces her Swingers Personals in Kelleys island come back to their mansion. As the night continues, the woman has sexual encounters with seekinng three family members. The characters become the actors seekinf the stag film, switching in and out of the roles.

By the end of the narrative, the people who were originally in the stag film now sit in the living room, watching the film with the father, wife, and son occupying the images on screen.

During the Women seeking sex in Metzger of the stag film, the family enters into a discussion about Women seeking sex in Metzger actors and actresses having sex on screen.

Women seeking sex in Metzger

Knowing people are going to watch. The son continues this condemnation: Due to the swx of film as a medium, the male viewers indeed, Metzger himself suddenly have power over the female that is objectified. This No kidding nsa fun is exemplified when the father watches the film again in Women seeking sex in Metzger, and a third time in high-speed.

He combats his insecurities through film, which allows him to be both voyeur and puppet master to the women on screen. By shortening the distance between spectator and film narrative, it becomes harder for the male audience to objectify the women on screen.

Press and Media | Dr Metzger MD

This is most evident when compared to the films of fellow sexploitation Rhode slut Leola United States, Doris Wishman. The narrative focuses on the degrading sexual acts that the man forces the teenage girl to Women seeking sex in Metzger in.

In one such scene, the man makes her take off her clothes and lick milk out of a bowl like an animal, while the camera lingers on her naked body and keeps the image at the center of the frame.

Even in her earlier works, such esx Blaze Starr Goes Nudist and Bad Girls Go to Hell Women seeking sex in Metzger, Wishman uses the display of the female body and perverse sexual power relations to attract heterosexual male audiences.

While these visual and narrative elements form Horny girl in Evansville basis of the sexploitation genre, Metzger reworks the genre to shift the focus away from the female body.

Women seeking sex in Metzger

It is this use of the female Beautiful ladies seeking orgasm Eugene Oregon that forms the foundation of the sexploitation genre. In spite of seekingg, Metzger does not focus on the female form in his films. In scenes depicting intercourse, the mise-en scene is used as a substitute for the female body. A later sex scene between Logan and his mistress, Agnes, is seen through distorted and disorienting imagery.

The image of both bodies is blurry to the point of being unidentifiable. By either distorting the image of the body Women seeking sex in Metzger bypassing the image entirely, Metzger directs the Women seeking sex in Metzger to the sensuality of his own style, rather than the desirability of the female body. Similarly to The Alley Catsthe sex scenes in Therese and Isabelle are always portrayed through suggestive mis-en-scene or descriptive narration.

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When Therese and Isabelle kiss for the first time, they are only visible as shadows eex a curtain. Later, when their relationship becomes more physical, the narrator describes the events taking place while the camera pans away.

The last time that the girls sleep together is only shown as a shaky Women seeking sex in Metzger in the water of a nearby creek. While the sex scenes in The Lickerish Quartet are the most Dilworth MN wife swapping of all three films, the camera never lingers on the female body.

When the mysterious woman Women seeking sex in Metzger the stag film seduces the father in the library, she is only seen naked for a moment. When they begin to have sex, the camera focuses on the stylized set that Metzgr characters occupy.

The library floor has thousands of words Woen on it referring to sex and genitalia.

The camera pans to different words as we hear the two characters having Women seeking sex in Metzger aex the background. Later, when the woman and the son have sex, it is seen through extreme long-shots, in which the characters only appear as tiny figures, or extreme close-ups, in which both the male and female face occupy the entire screen.

Metzger uses male characters to represent the misogynistic American society, while the female characters represent the heroes of the narrative, who try to find sexual liberation and freedom from oppression both successfully and unsuccessfully.

The use of clever mise-en-scene allows Wome style to be the source of pleasure for Women seeking sex in Metzger spectator, rather than the image of the nude female.

Corliss, Richard. Film Quarterly Gender and the Generation. Gorfinkel, Elena.