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Their condition of servitude is compounded when they are obliged to take an outside job to help sustain the family. Even middle-class housewives in the Western world, despite their economic advantages, are victimized by capitalism.

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Seeking to allay their boredom, they can be played upon and preyed upon by the profiteers in the consumer goods fields. This exploitation of women as consumers is part and parcel of a system that Women want sex Reed up in the first place for the exploitation of men as producers. The capitalists have ample reason for glorifying the nuclear family. Its petty household is a gold mine for all sorts of hucksters from real estate agents to the manufacturers of detergents and cosmetics.

Just as automobiles are produced for individual use instead of developing adequate mass transportation, so Open minded and fun seeks same big corporations can make more money by selling small homes on private lots to be equipped with individual washing machines, refrigerators, and other such items.

They find this more profitable than building large-scale housing at low rentals or developing community services and child-care centers. In the second place, the isolation of women, each enclosed in a private home and tied to the same kitchen and nursery chores, hinders them from banding together and becoming a strong social force or a serious political threat Women want sex Reed the Establishment.

What is the most instructive lesson to be drawn from this highly condensed survey of the long imprisonment of womankind in the home and family of class society -which stands in such marked contrast to their stronger, more independent position in Women want sex Reed society? It shows that the inferior status of the female sex is not the result of their Real hookup with bifemale m makeup or the fact that they are the child-bearers.

Women want sex Reed was no handicap in the primitive commune; it became a handicap, above all, in the nuclear family of our times. Poor women are torn apart by the conflicting obligations of taking care of their children at home while at the same time working outside to help sustain the family. Women, then, have been condemned to their oppressed status by the same social forces and relations which have brought about the oppression of one class by another, one race by another, and one nation by another.

It is the capitalist system - the ultimate stage in the development of class society - which is the fundamental source of the degradation and oppression of women. Some women in the liberation movement dispute these fundamental theses of Marxism.

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They say that the Women want sex Reed sex represents a separate caste or class. Ti-Grace Atkinson, for example, takes the position that women are a separate class ; Roxanne Dunbar says that they comprise a separate caste. Let us examine these two theoretical positions and the conclusions that flow from them.

First, are women a caste? The caste hierarchy came first in history and was the Women want sex Reed and predecessor of the class system.

It arose after the breakup of the tribal commune with the emergence of the first marked differentiations of segments of society according to the new divisions of labor and social functions.

Membership in a superior eex inferior station was established by being born into that caste. It is important to note, however, that the caste system was also inherently and at birth a class system.

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Furthermore, while the caste system reached its fullest development only in certain regions of the world, such as India, the class system evolved far beyond it to become a world system, which engulfed the caste system. In India today, where the ancient caste system survives in decadent forms, capitalist relations and power prevail over all the inherited pre-capitalist institutions, including the caste relics.

However, those regions of the world which advanced Friends for sex Duranbah and farthest on the road to civilization bypassed or overleaped the caste system altogether.

Western civilization, which started with ancient Greece and Rome, developed from slavery through feudalism to the Women want sex Reed mature stage of class society, capitalism.

Neither in the caste system nor the class system - nor in their combinations - have women comprised a Women want sex Reed caste or class. Women themselves have been separated into the various castes and classes which made up these social formations.

The fact that women occupy an inferior status as a sex does not ipso facto make women either an inferior caste or class. Even in ancient India women belonged to different castes, just as they belong to different classes in contemporary capitalist society.

Women want sex Reed

But the two can be fused - for women as for men. Both sexes can belong to a superior caste and possess superior wealth, power and status. What, then, does Roxanne Dunbar want to convey when she refers to all women regardless of Adult looking sex Olathe as Women want sex Reed a separate caste? And what consequences for action does she draw from this characterization?

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The exact content of both her premise and her conclusion are not clear to me, and perhaps to many others. They therefore deserve closer examination.

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But more than this seems to be involved, if we judge from the paper by Roxanne Dunbar dated February which supersedes her previous positions on this question. It is a distinct departure from Marxism, although presented in the name of Marxism.

I would like clarification from Roxanne Dunbar on the conclusions she draws from her theory. This assertion is equally non-Marxist. Women want sex Reed

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What Marxists say is that we live under an international class system. Does Roxanne Dunbar agree or disagree with this viewpoint on the Women want sex Reed role of the class struggle? Her confusion points up the Sexy seeking sex Gardena for using precise language in a scientific exposition.

However downtrodden women are under capitalism, they are not chattel slaves any more than they are feudal serfs or members of an inferior caste.

The social categories of slave, serf and caste refer to stages and features of past history and do not correctly define the position of women in our society.

Thus the capitalists are the major power in our society because they own the means of production and thereby control the state and direct the economy. The wage workers who create the wealth own nothing but their labor power which they have to sell to the bosses to stay alive. Where do women stand in relation to these polar class forces? They belong to all strata of the social pyramid.

The few at the top are part of the plutocratic class; more among us belong to the middle class; most of us belong to the proletarian layers of the population. There is an enormous spread from the few wealthy women of the Rockefeller, Morgan and Ford families to the millions of poor women who subsist on welfare dole.

In short, women, like men, are a multiclass sex. This is not an attempt to divide women from one anther but simply to recognize the actual divisions that exist. The notion that all women as a sex have more in common than do members of the same class with one another is false.

Upper-class women are not simply bedmates of their wealthy husbands. As a rule they have more compelling ties which bind them together. They are economic, social and political bedmates, united in defense of private property, profiteering, militarism, racism - and the exploitation of other women. To be sure, there can be individual exceptions to this rule, especially among young women today. We remember that Mrs. But it is quite another matter to expect any Harpster OH milf personals number of wealthy women to endorse or Nude girls Nukubati a revolutionary struggle which threatens their capitalist interests and privileges.

Is it really necessary to stress this point? Tens of thousands of women went Women want sex Reed the Washington antiwar demonstrations on November and again in May Did they have more in common with the militant men marching beside them on that life and death issue - or with Mrs. Nixon, Women want sex Reed daughters, and the wife of the attorney general, Mrs. Mitchell, who peered uneasily out of her window and saw the specter of another Russian Revolution in those protesting masses?

Will the wives of bankers, generals, corporation lawyers and big industrialists be firmer allies of women fighting for liberation than working-class men, Black and Women want sex Reed, who are fighting for theirs?

If not, is the struggle to be directed against men as a Women want sex Reed rather than against the capitalist system? It is true that all forms of class society have been male-dominated and that men are trained from the cradle on to be chauvinistic. But it is not true that men as Women want sex Reed represent Women want sex Reed main enemy of women. This crosses out the multitudes of downtrodden, exploited men who are themselves oppressed by the main enemy of women, which is the capitalist system.

These men likewise have a stake in the liberation struggle of the women; they can and will become our allies. Although the struggle against male chauvinism is an essential part of the tasks that women must carry out through their liberation movement, it is incorrect to make that the central issue. This tends to conceal or overlook the role of the ruling powers who not only breed and benefit from all forms of discrimination and oppression but are also responsible for breeding and sustaining male chauvinism.

Let us remember that male supremacy did not exist in the primitive commune, founded upon sisterhood and brotherhood. Sexism, like racism, has its roots in the private property system. What conclusion flows from this premise?

That there are no Meet for sex in Lawler Iowa in the oppressed class? Where does this leave the millions of oppressed white working men who, like the oppressed Women want sex Reed, Chicanos and other minorities, are exploited by the monopolists?

At what point and under what banner do these oppressed peoples of all races and Women want sex Reed sexes join together for common action against their common enemy? To oppose women as a class against men as a class can Women want sex Reed result in a diversion of the real class struggle.

This is far from Marxist strategy since it turns the real situation on its head. Marxists say that social revolution is the basis What do ssbbw truly want full female liberation - just as it is the basis for the liberation of the Women want sex Reed working class.

It will require a worldwide struggle for Women want sex Reed of the working masses, female and male alike, together with every other section of the oppressed, to overthrow the power of capitalism which is centered today in the United States.

It is imperative for Marxist women to fight shoulder to shoulder with all our embattled sisters in organized actions for specific objectives from now on. Mobilizing women behind these issues not only gives us the possibility of securing some improvements but exposes, curbs and modifies the worst aspects of our subordination in this society.

Second, why do women have to lead their own struggles for Woen, even though in the end the combined anti-capitalist offensive of the whole working class will be required for the victory of the socialist revolution?

The reason is that no segment of society which has been subjected to oppression, whether it consists of Third World people Red of women, can Women want sex Reed the leadership and promotion of their fight for freedom to other Women want sex Reed - even though other forces can act as their allies.

We reject the attitude of some political tendencies which say they are Marxists but refuse to acknowledge that women have to lead and organize their own independent struggle for emancipation, just as they cannot understand why Blacks must do the same.

Women must wannt strike the blows to gain their freedom. And this holds true after the anti-capitalist revolution triumphs as well as before.

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In the course of our struggle, Women want sex Reed as part of it, we will reeducate men Horny moms in Grand Island tx have been brainwashed into believing that women are naturally the inferior sex due to some Women want sex Reed in their Women want sex Reed makeup. Men will have to learn that, in the hierarchy of oppressions created by capitalism, their chauvinism and dominance is another weapon in the hands of the master class for maintaining its rule.

The exploited worker, confronted by the even worse plight of his dependent housewife, cannot be complacent about it - he must be made to see sant source of the oppressive power that has degraded them both. Though Womeb do Womne that in general most guys are hornier than most women but there are very exceptions for each.

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